Guidelines for Article Preparation for Submission

The article must be submitted to the editors in English language, in electronic form, line spacing 1.5. The number of pages is unlimited, including tables, indicating the corresponding numbering (a, b, c, d...) of images. The article should start with an abstract that consists of: Abstract: Goal. Method. Result. Conclusion. Key words-3-6 words. Font should be Times New Roman, font size 12 pt. Page Margins: Top, bottom, left and right margins must be set to 2.5 cm. Do not add paragraph spacing. All papers should be submitted to email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The article should use the international system of units (CИ), also those units that are equalto CИ system. Mathematical and chemical formulas should be clearly marked so that the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, quality coefficient and multiplier can be easily seen. In the text and formula of the article, all designations represented by a letter must be deciphered. Different concepts cannot be denoted by the same symbol. The literary source should be given at the end of the article as follows: for a book - indicating the author, name, name of publication, place of publication, year of publication and number of pages (numbers); for a journal - indicating the author of the article, name of the article and journal, year of publication, volume, number, first and last pages of the article. Surnames, book and magazine titles should be in the original language without abbreviations. When using a copyright certificate, it is necessary to refer to the bulletin (where the formula of the invention is published) of the invention, indicating the number and year of publication. Drawings should be schematic, not overloaded with details and inscriptions. The position should be marked with figures and decoded with inscriptions below the drawing. The article must be signed by one or all authors on a separate sheet or on the last page. It is necessary to indicate personal data about each author in the title:  surname, given name, place of work (indicating the full and abbreviated name of the institution), address (place of work), postal code, E-mail of one of the authors.


The cost of publishing an article is 80 Euros. Two issues are published per year. Annual subscription fee is 200 Euros, including sending to the address. Article download is 20 Euros. Viewing the abstract is free.