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I know what a good asthma medication is! I've been suffering from asthma for more than 30 years, I developed it as a result of working with chemicals and paints that gradually destroyed my air passages and lungs. Now I can't survive without a bronchodilator. Some time before I was still full of hope that I will conquer asthma one day and will start living without meds again. But now I'm more realistic in that relation. I just need a trusted medication that will cause minimal side effects and will provide me with an opportunity to enjoy my life and pretend I live it the way I want, so that my kids don't worry too much. For me this medication is Combivent. Works just perfect relaxing my air passages when I experience a spasm. Before my doc switched me to Combivent I had horrible coughing, I thought I would spit out my lungs one day? The drug is not too expensive, what is also a big plus for me and it is convenient to order it online and have it delivered the other day! So I'm extremely pleased and my doctor is also pleased to see me rarer). No one likes old grumbling wrecks.
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I strongly feel without DuoNeb every four hours up to five times a day I would no longer be here. I qualify for a lung transplant but because of my reaction to steroids this is the next best thing along with Serevent twice a day.

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